Västkuststiftelsen's role

The mission of Västkuststiftelsen is to preserve the unique nature of West Sweden. Our goal is to protect fragile environments, enhance biodiversity and provide a playground for outdoor experiences.

Västkuststiftelsen also manages about 280 nature reserves for the County Administrative Boards in Västra Götaland and in Halland.

In addition, has Västkuststiftelsen a regional mission to coordinate the development of the Kuststigen trail.

We work closely with the municipalities where the trail passes through and who manage the trail within their area.

Västkuststiftelsen manages Kuststigen when the trail goes through nature reserves that the foundation manages on behalf of the County Administrative Boards, eg. Bua hed, Vägeröd and Säby kile.

For more information about Västkuststiftelsen, visit www.vastkuststiftelsen.se