More about Kuststigen

The coastal trail, Kuststigen, is one of the most beautiful trails along the west coast of Sweden. The winding trail will take you through forests and pittoresque villages, over hilltops with breathtaking views and will give you an intimate experience of the rustic farmlands in the coastal region of Bohuslän. 

Kuststigen is a collection of trails spread along the coast with the common denominator being the connection to the ocean and the archipelago. There is one continuous trail stretching from Uddevalla to Sotenäs via Stenungsund, and several shorter loops suitable for day hikes. Most trails and stages are accessible by bus or train and you can find service spots along the trail such as accommodation, restaurants or places where you can refill your supplies if you prefer to be self- sufficient.

Kuststigen can be found in the following municipalities:

Tjörn -

Orust -

Stenungsund -

Lysekil -

Uddevalla -

Munkedal -

Sotenäs - www.sotenä

Tanum -

Strömstad -